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Resin Paving

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    Resin based surfacing systems are a relatively new introduction to the British paving market.

    Their development has been made possible by significant advances made in polymer and epoxy resins over the past 25 years.

    The basic premise is that a decorative or coloured gravel is "glued" to an existing solid surface by means of a transparent or coloured resin.

    * Extremely hard wearing
    * Suitable for exterior and interior use
    * Resistant to oil/fuel spillages and UV sunlight
    * Low maintenance
    * Extensive range of colours and multi-colour options

    There are two different systems used to apply Resin Based Paving - Resin Bonded and Resin Bound

    Bonded is best described as gravel being "scattered" across a resin liquid applied to an existing hard surface.

    Bound is a pre-mixed gravel and resin liquid being applied by trowel in a thicker layer, again, to an existing hard surface.

    Both options give the finished surface an extremely attractive, high-end look.

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